Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review Brokerage account SureTrader

Low cost trades, higher leverage

opening trading account with this online broker was one of the best things I have done since i started trading. Recently some of you will recall that i had got a PDT violation which sucked. I opened 2 more accounts after that and Then I heard about an online broker that had a direct ordering system. Timothy Sykes also recommends this brokerage firm, Though he has has a lot of haters trying bash his self made millions trading I think its all the reason to try out his recommended online broker

 The minimum to open a margin account is only $500 USD. and there is no PDT restrictions but with that kind of power you must learn discipline (commissions still apply). The desktop application Das Trader took a while for me to get used too, but their are online tutorials. The speed of execution is amazing and you have access to routing your MM of choice.

 Overall  I am really happy with the service and deposits clear pretty quickly. The platform is continuously evolving as well. So with that being said if you are looking to add One more Brokerage Firm to your arsenal Please check out Suretrader Good Luck and Happy Trading.