Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Money 2015 power os sun and winds...chiming in pockets.

They call me the un orthodox baller. $olar is what I am thinking as oil prices are sinking. What is always available to us?

Wind & Solar what does this mean? Consistent energy for the masses. So I introduce to you $WSTI. Featured in several media sources I got into it a few months ago when I had seen an article about Tesla's interest in the Wind Stream Technology. 

Using Solar Panels and Wind Turbine technology they have developed a in my humble opinion evolutionary product. These are stackable solar wind powered units that can even be adopted into our highways to produce enough energy to power cities. 

This with India backing its production time and skilled engineering I really feel this can break its 52 week high of 2.15$. If we go long on this company they could raise enough funds to run campaigns to the cities to produce clean energy through out the world. 

Check out WindStream Technology and see why I am excited Dips like these are rare! It's like my last call $IDN @ $0.97 cents which is now at $3.00 and holding steady. $WSTI. :) do some DD.