Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tradeing Stocks: 101

First thing you need to do to get started tradeing stocks is have a brokerage account and an investment plan. are you trying to build a retirement or just make beer money?

second you need to research, or pick some of the plays on Penny Scryer but always research because you are responsible for your own money. but if you were to work it right, you could make a lot of cash.

Third trade with wisdom and discipline, not on emotion and get rich quick mentallity, it does not work that way. keep in mind 80% of all traders fail. only because they do not properly plan or manage thier portfolios.

When you make money or a nice profit re invest into well established dividend paying stocks and over time it will generate huge revenues on your investments...

do not be afraid to invest, penny stocks you can turn 100$ into 1000$ in a short time if you know what you are doing. my family thinks im crazy but hey, im also a stay home father! =)