Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcom to @HM.Dad Blog

 First I am a stay home father, artist, active trader, inventor, fashion designer and a father. as some of you may know there are phases with becoming a stay at home father.
  • it may start to suck especially if u share 1 car between you and your spouse.
  • you may start to feel worthless.
  • you may start to think you do not do enough.
  • you might become un inspired.
  • you may forget the fact your playing an important roll. 
 Being a stay at home dad is not easy shit. (believe me i know) for a couple months i fell into a depression thinking i wasnt doing enough. failing to realize that raising our son is not an easy task.

 then i realized i could still do stuff like balance my stock portfolio, easy to do whils watching your kid. watching movies together till he passes out then clean up the house.

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