Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Inventors earn Better income Than Affiliate marketers? Here is a great way to double your earnings with Online w/ Quirky!

Hello Folks!

 I have recently got an email about how to get into some Online money making techniques that really work! so here is a little something I thought I would put together. Recently I have been bitten by the Inventors bug and after losing tons on my investments for patents and etc...I ran into something Worth its weight in GOLD!!! 

Quirky is an amazing community! you don't even have to be a great artist to create the "Next Big Thing" The Quirky experience is fun and you can make extra spending money by giving tips to other designers. earning Quirky "influence points" which eventually turns into royalties later.

Not only is Quirky a great place to create, but you can find some amazing gifts or even personal items for yourself for a great price! For example Right now my Latest invention is a a evolutionary product Please Click Here To Vote! Its free!!

Step 1 to Finish is an exciting process. Make something today! you never know The Community and the team @ Quirky might just crown you as the next rising star inventor!

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