Monday, September 8, 2014

On a quest for new music? listen this...

Hello Fellow Hip Hop music Lovers, a taste of "fresh" above and underground music these days it's hard to find passionate artist that love things other than Alcohol and Pussy. Not that there is anything wrong with drinking and fornication, it just loses its appeal when every other song is about the same shit.

Here i did some digging On YouTube for some Music Ideas to fill your Need. =)

Check out these artist:

I like these guys because they are talking about related struggles we all face other than drinking and trying to get laid. The beats are well played and thought as well as heart in the music.

Spit Syndicate -
 They have a nice production, contemplation in the lyrics. you can tell when artist are doing it for passion of art and not the money.

 Plutonic Lab-
 I just discovered this song today, I like the trip-hop sound. I think its hard to find good male vocals these days, it is refreshing to hear we have options.