Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stock Reviews

$PGFY - After almost being Mascaraed by the hugest p&d campaign I fell victim of $PGFY is slowly making a comeback. The company had mention they were not aware of that pump. I wish I dint load so heavy during that email campaign but, I grew wiser from the experience. Though it did not go as planned and I am bag holding a deep red zone I will continue to hold, in time I think this company will do well in the near future.

$LOAN - I don't really know much about this company but it has a very nice dividend for how low priced the shares are. But from what I have gathered they are a "hard money" lender which uses real estate as collateral. Why am I attracted to $LOAN ?

 Because #1 the Price is under 3$ and 2 it's chunky Dividend of 0.28 and 10.90% Yield, I am no guru but I like dividends and this is a nice solid dividend for a cost effective investment with potential to grow over time.

$BTCS - An E-Commerce bit-coin shop platform designed to evolutionize online sales. they seem to be having a nice momentum with the recent news hitting the net 09/10/2014 - here ===>

I haven't loaded much on these but I will be watching to see where the whole BitCoin craze goes.